Instant Somtam

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Instant Somtam

A brand-new instant somtam product will ensure a daily dose of spicy Thai food in your diet, no matter where you are in the world.

There’s no doubt that somtam, or papaya salad, is staple food for Thais, so when the processed food company Maetuk released its instant somtam earlier this year, the social networks went wild.

The preparation of instant somtam is simple: just pour room-temperature water into the salad, wait five minutes, mix everything together, and enjoy your somtam.

The salad comes in three levels of spiciness: mildly spicy (one chili), moderately spicy (three chilies), and very spicy (five chilies). A packet costs THB90 and can sit in your cabinet for up to a year.

As of now, you can only order Maetuk Instant Somtam via the company’s Facebook page, LINE application or by phone, but Prasan Poekao, a spokesperson for Maetuk, told Coconuts that the company is currently in talks with Foodland to have the product distributed at their supermarkets.

He said the product is currently popular among Thais who live abroad.
For more information, check out the company’s Facebook page.

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